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Arconik’s Pre Filters are used to retain particles ranging from 1 micron to 50 microns. These filters are referred as the air intake filters and work on negative air pressure. We offer several types of Pre Filters such as Cardboard panel pleated filters, pleated Filters, panel pad Filters, Metallic Baffel Filters and more.


Arconik’s Fine Filters, also called secondary filters, designed to filter fine particles in the
air. Usually they are installed after the pre filters layer in every filter bank and their efficiency ranges from MS to F9. We offer types Of Fine Filters such F pp, FGD, FGM, FMP and more.


The HEPA & ULPA filters (also called “Absolute filters”) offered by Arconik are used in the final stage of the filtration cycle where the most high level of cleanliness is required. HEPA filters usually installed after the pre and fine filter and their efficiency range from HIO to H16. The Arconik HEPA & ULPA portfolio includes HGM, HGD, HGM-G, HGD-HT, HGV-M, HGV-P and more.


Arconik’s Terminal Filter Housing is designed to ensure high-quality clean air will be supplied through HEPA Filters directly to the relevant space or equipment where it is required. The Terminal Filter Housing solution offered by Arconik reduces to a minimum the period of time of which the air coming from the HEPA filter assembled in the housing, can collect contamination from the surrounding parts of the housing.

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