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SAFE 360

SAFE 360 system is an Air filtration unit for safe rooms of an area of up to 12 m2 (up to 36 m3 volume) for protecting up to 6 people. In order to prevent the entry of contaminated air the SAFE 360 creates overpressure in the room. Each system includes an electrical blower, anti-blast valve, overpressure valve and 3 filtration stages: dust, HEPA and chemical. The system offers two modes of operation: ventilation (54CMH) and filtration (36CMH) as well as manual backup for use during an electric failure.


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Arconik Battery Systems are series of Air Filtration IJnits (AFIJ) connected in parallel for large shelters protecting hundreds of thousands of people. These systems are typically installed in civil defense shelters such as hospitals, educational institutions, parking lots, etc. Each systems includes electrical blower, anti-blast valve, over pressure valve and 3 stages of filtration: dust, HEPA and chemical. The systems are comprised of number of filters of 900, 1,200 or I ,800 connected in parallel vis one pipe header.

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